Friday 12 April 2013

MokaFive Suite v3.14.2 Released

This release of MokaFive 3.14.2  includes many new features and fixes that improve the reach and breadth of virtual desktops in a Quest DELL vWorkspace environment. 

The vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite solution allows you to securely publish a centrally-managed PC image to a hypervisor running on an employee's laptop/PC. Corporate applications and data are kept within the local virtual machine separated from the client device operating system. 

This solution fulfills several use cases, such as offline Mac users who need access to corporate Windows applications or support for employee owned laptops. For example, with vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite an organization can deliver a secure, policy-driven LivePC image to an employee owned Dell Alienware M14x keeping corporate applications and data separated and isolated from the Alienware's operating system and applications.

Here are some of the features that have included in this latest release.

Improved Synchronization with Active Directory: With 3.14.2, the performance of syncing AD groups with the vWorkspace MokaFive Management Server has been improved. This means faster user logins to vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player and improved scalability for large AD environments.

Windows GINA Now Supported: Dell vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite now supports using the Windows GINA (Windows credential provider) for LivePC login. This option allows you to integrate with a wider variety of VPN products to establish a VPN connection before Windows login. The vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite GINA (MokaFive credential provider) can still be used for LivePC login. With this option, pre-login VPN integration is supported with Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco IPSec, or Juniper Network Connect.

Improved Gateway Server Support: The vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Application Gateway server has been improved to increase performance. Please refer to the release notes for more details.

Client Pack update for Mac OS X: This MokaFive update resolves certificate issues on Mac OS X that would prevent vWorkspace – MokaFive Suite Mac Player from installing properly.

Where to download
vWorkspace – MokaFive Suite download package can be obtained from the following locations:

Click the Try button.

And you can read the MokaFive Whitepaper on transforming end-user desktop computing here:

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