Monday 30 April 2012

Quest TEC Conference: 2012

I am enjoying the day in San Diego and working with some of the good people from Microsoft at the Quest TEC Conference.

Yes, today is early (very early) Monday and it's the Microsoft Enlighten day at the TEC 2012 Conference  - the first day of this conference and I will be helping out with the Windows Migration track and the Virtualization working groups.

Here is a brief synopsis of the Microsoft technologies day;

The new Quest Workspace Management sessions will focus on Windows 7 Migration, Application Compatibility, Application Virtualization, VDI, Session Virtualization and topics related to delivery and management of the User Workspace – from applications and data to settings and operating systems.  

Plus, since most enterprise customers leverage solutions from Microsoft partners to extend the functionality of foundational Microsoft technologies, TEC will also feature expert content on managing in cross-platform environments.

TEC is for the experts by the experts and, as such, the sessions are highly technical (300-400 level) and include both instruction and demonstration led by some of the world’s top technologists. Join us for TEC for Virtualization & Workspace Management! Nothing’s lost, as you’ll find plenty of cloud-related content in the 125+ sessions hosted across the 10 conference tracks.

You can read more about the Experts day here:

Looking forward to meeting up with Brian Madden, Justin Zarb as well as some of the leading lights from Quest such as Patrick Rouse.

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