Monday 23 April 2012

Mobilism: Learn about browser compatibility

If you are in Amsterdam in May, you and you are interested in application compatibility and browser compatibility, you may want to checkout the Mobilism conference in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

One of the leaders in browser based compatibility research, Peter-Paul Koch has done some great work with ChangeBASE in the past and has been a key figure in determine what technical issues may cause a web-based application to fail to work or appear correctly.

Peter-Paul (Or more commonly known as PPK) is presenting on the 1st day, May 10th ( at 10:20). You should check his presentation out!

Here is a brief synopsis of his presentation;
 "PPK will attempt to bring some order in the chaos by discussing about seven of the most important actors, their relations, and their long-term plans. After this talk you can amaze your friends by explaining why Windows Phone will never amount to much, why Android fragmentation will become only worse, in which way Apple has stolen a march on its competitors, and what Nokia is doing."
You can find out about the conference here:

And hey, Amsterdam in the spring is beautiful - why not spend time there AND find out about browser compatibility

And more important, his browser compatibility site and blog:

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