Wednesday 2 May 2012

The VDI Delusion: Brian Madden

Still in California and while the weather is not amazing, by the sound of things it's far, far better than the deluge that the UK is currently experiencing.

I had the pleasure of spending some time (early) in the morning this week to discuss the state of the VDI nation with Brian Madden and then was able to attend his keynote address at the Quest TEC conference. I have to tell you Brian works for his money!

He pounded out a great 2-hour performance that was both entertaining and enlightening. There were quite a few moments, where I was thinking "Right on! I'ts about time someone got real about this virtualization stuff". Brian offers a solid 3rd party view without having to align himself to a vendor or products and so, his sessions are particularly "courageous" in that he finally "Call Hogwash" on some of the justifications and models used to encourage desktop virtualization projects.

I was able to take a quick snap of his presentation and I think this photo tells it all..

After talking through some of the key bits learned from 10 years of talking on different flavours of virtualization, Brian focussed on how apps are the real issue for future platforms and how they will fall along the these axis;

     - Native VS HTML
     - Touch vs Keyboard/Mouse
     - Full featured vs "focussed"
     - Create versus Consume

It was a great session, which you can get the extended version from Brian's new book, The VDI Delusion.

Or you can pay 10 dollars and get the Amazon Kindle version here:

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