Friday 22 June 2012

Linkbait: June 2012

It's been a little while since my colleague Carl posted some interesting tid-bits from the web and beyond.

Here is the latest instalment for the month of June.

Platform News
Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 release candidates are available
ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012 (pdf)
Microsoft has now sold over 600 million licenses of Windows 7
IPv6 in Windows 8

Migration News
TechEd North America recorded sessions are available. Here’s Chris Jackson’s “App Compat for Nerds: Understanding, Troubleshooting, and Fixing Busted Apps”
OfficeConverter lay out 5 steps for successful Office 2010 migration and mass-converting .XLS To .XLSM

Packaging News
WiX v3.6 goes to Release Candidate
System Center 2012 SP1 CTP2 is now available for download.  Has some neat new features such as copying VMs to Azure.
Disable application compatibility to boost performance     ,':(
App-V Error 4615186-1F701639-0000010B Directory Name is Invalid.  Deep-dive by Darwin Sanoy
Advanced WSUS Client Diagnostic tool  
Sysinternals Process Explorer v15.2 has a new column called “Autostart Location”.  The commandline column shows the parameters it was started with but not where the command originated.  Now you can see both.

Browser News
Legacy DX Filters Removed from IE10 Release Preview.  Plugin anyone?

Virtualisation News
The things you have to do to set up the ThinApp Factory Appliance make be glad I use ChangeBASE to batch-virtualise my packages.
XenDesktop supports Lync
The custom actions for the Server App-V Sequencer installer package, to me, seems like a strange thing to publish. “SetSSRSRealTlsAllocCountProperty sets an MSI property which includes the number of TLS slots to allocate in SSRS Injector subsystem.”, etc.
ThinApp Application Notes and Recipes page on their forum (AppDeploy-style)

Skydrive is very integrated in Windows 8
The People App in Windows 8
Download the Microsoft Operations Framework Private Cloud beta
Citrix CloudGateway Express 1.2 Implementation Guide
Virtualize the process and move it to the cloud

Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate
Files are company assets that are equally as valuable as your firewall, applications, switches and laptops.
mactype an aggressive font smoother for Windows for those who feel cleartype is not enough.
Charles Petzold is back with another edition of Programming Windows

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