Friday 1 June 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview Released!

Well well! it looks like the final bits for Windows 8 are ready and we can now download the Consumer Preview. This is a HUGE milestone for Microsoft in its plans for the release of Windows 8. Effectively, with the release of the Consumer Release Preview, we can pretty much be assured that Windows 8 will be ready for the holiday season.

I am still downloading the 3.5 Gig download (I live in the country-side in the UK and download speeds are SLOW) and so out of curiosity , I downloaded the (much smaller) Upgrade assistant.

Here is a screen grab of the first part of the results.

I am always surprised on what I have installed on my machine, but this report did not look too bad.

From these results, we have an old favorite, iTunes and as expected I will have to update my ATI Catalyst video driver (I have a 3 screen setup) 

Having a quick look on the web, you can find these latest drivers (updated yesterday!) here:

In addition to the short list of applications that were listed as  not compatible with the Windows 8 Release Preview; we have the following sub-set of applications were compatible.

Hurrah! ChangBASE is compatible with Windows 8. And, it was so easy.... Of course I will be having a deeper look here - not quite so sure it will be this easy (but maybe)....

You can find the down-loadable versions of the Windows 8 Preview in the following language based links;

Windows 8 Release Preview (Client)

Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (Server) Language Packs:

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