Tuesday 31 May 2011

Application Compatibility Briefing: Amsterdam and Brussels

Now back in the UK - good to see the family and all, but the show must go on. And, speaking of shows, we have another one for you!

ChangeBase and PDS are teaming up to present a 1/2 day work shop on application compatibility that will cover the following topics;

  • Windows 7 and 64-bit Migrations
  • Virtualization Compatibility Challenges (App-V, Citrix and ThinApp)
  • Office 2010 Interoperability Questions
  • Internet Explorer 6 Migration Issues
You can find out more by clicking on the following link;

Though we talk a lot about the automated compatibility assessment capability about AOK, in these sessions we will have a focus on the new AOK Client Side Capture tools and the automated bulk-conversion tools for Microsoft App-V and Symantec's SVS file formats.

Meaning: you can now convert (in bulk) all of your applications automatically into your desired virtualization format. You can choose: App-V, Citrix XenApp, SVS or VMware's ThinApp. Or, from what we are seeing with our customer base right now, a hybrid mixture of the 2 or three formats.

Sounds fun, eh?

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