Friday 6 May 2011

AOK 4.1 Now Ready with V-Ready: Automated Sequencing Support

As you can imagine, as part of this blog, we have talked alot about compatibility, suitability and quality issues tha relate to migrating your application portfolio from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) platforms with the added mix changing security standards and increasingly vital support for differing virtualization technologies.

Well, we have been pretty busy over the past few months working on some tools that really help withe compatibility and suitability challenges that need to be addresses when converting (or sequencing in MS speak) your applications to Microsoft virtualization App-V format

With the release of AOK 4.1, we can now automatically convert application packages in an MSI format automatically and in bulk to a streamable, App+V format. Did I mention that we could do this for any source application format (even SETUP.EXE applications installations that generally require user imput to complete) - Automatically, and in bulk.

Which is quite cool, given that once you have determined  which applications are suitable for virtalization through AOK, can you now at the click of a button, convert all your application packages to properly streamable App-V packages.

You can more about 4.1 at our website:

Or, you can read the whole press release here:

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