Monday 2 August 2010

Microsoft Releases Emergency Update today

Later today Microsoft will issue an emergency patch later today to fix a critical flaw in Windows that enables hackers to run code and take over PCs. Outlined on Trusted Reviews site, there are several things that spring to mind.

The fact that this type of response from Microsoft is known as an OOB (Out OF Band) release and as such is an emergency release. Normal non-high risk patches are incorporated into the monthly Patch Tuesday report. But this one is gaining specific and immediate attention by MS, requiring a rapid response from them hence a quick testing turn around.

In light of the speed at which MS are addressing the issue, our advice would be to test, and deploy as fast as possible. With this one, organisations can’t afford to sit back and see what happens, they need to act fast. Waiting for next week’s Patch Tuesday updates is not an option for this security issue.

And, here is the link to the original site;

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