Wednesday 28 July 2010

IE Browser Compatibility Webinar

Late last week we announced the imminent launch of our web browser compatibility and rendering solution, read the release here. The fact that in 2010 we’re now seeing a ratio of 1.2 web applications to one native application as opposed to the 1 web application for every 10 native applications in 2003, illustrates the rapid increase of web-based applications into the corporate environment.

What we see as the key compatibility challenges facing organisations migrating to IE8 are:
  • Compatibility of web-based applications that need to integrate with the browser to enable functionality – for example where services have been deprecated or restricted within IE that are required by the application, such as DEP/NX
  • Rendering issues where  a website, rather than an application, may not render or display correctly or certain buttons or links may not work
I should say that we have been able to deal with application compatibility issues for web-applications for over a few years but this new plug-in also covers all the pertinent issues of web application compatibility with this latest enhancement also catering for websites, intranets and extranets. And that’s the key to a successful migration.

I’m doing a webinar on Thursday 5th August at 5pm BST. If you’re interested in hearing and seeing more, simply click here.

Or use the link here: 

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