Friday 21 June 2013

DELL July Webinars

Here is a quick list of some of the on-line webinars and recorded events scheduled for June and July.

Live Events

Multiple Dates, Next one – June 26 at 11 am PT
Managing Configurations in the User Environment without Scripts
Are you still using login scripts to configure user environments? In this Webcast, discover the power of automation when delivering applications, controlling configurations across desktops, virtual desktops, remote sessions and much more. 
For a full list of upcoming demos, click here.

June 27 at 10 am PT
Software License Audit: Breeze it and Beat it with Dell KACE
Learn about the latest features of the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance that will allow you to mitigate compliance concerns while also saving time and money through a centralized, appliance-based approach to managing your software environment. 
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Multiple Dates, Next one - July 3 at 11 am PT
Solving Three Problems by Eliminating User Administration Rights
It’s time to eliminate the role of Administrator from Windows servers and desktops. In this webcast, you can learn how to increase productivity through policy-based elevation of user privileges, minimize security issues caused by unauthorized access and create custom elevation rules by leveraging Group Policy Objects. 
To view the demo dates and register, follow this link.

July 18 at 10 am PT
Addressing the Multi-Device Reality: Unified Endpoint Management
Join guest speaker, EMA lead analyst Steve Brasen, author of the recent report Unified Endpoint Management, as he discusses the realities of multi-device proliferation and the need for such core considerations as data loss protection for mobile devices and BYOD policies. 
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July 18 at 11 am PT
Creating (and Maintaining!) Consistent Windows Desktops: Are these 15 User Settings in Your Desktop Management?
Today’s PC user expects personalization in his or her Windows desktop. However, some user settings will always need IT configuration. The challenge in desktop management lies in finding the right balance between user and IT control. Join the experts for this informative webcast and learn how controlling 15 user settings can benefit your organization today. 
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July 23 at 11 am PT
Solving Desktop Challenges in Healthcare
Today, healthcare IT professionals are forced to do more with less while staying in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA). To deal with the many challenges of managing your IT environment, join us for our live webcast and learn how you can enforce HIPAA compliance while ensuring confidentiality and integrity of all your health data. 
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July 25 at 10 am PT
From Out of Time to Under Control: 3 Steps to Automating Windows Migrations and Application Compatibility
Windows migration doesn’t need to be a complex and time consuming task – automation tools and best practices can dramatically simplify system deployments. Find out what time traps are waiting, how to avoid them and how to automate your windows migration process. 
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Easily Manage User Configurations without Logon Scripts
Defining a comfortable Windows environment is the reason we’ve used log-in scripts for decades, but using them hasn’t gotten easier. In fact, with all the testing, verification, risk of mistakes, and ever-growing use cases, it’s obvious log-in scripts can’t solve the challenges.  Discover scripting’s intrinsic hazards, while learning about replacement technologies that can help eliminate log-in scripts forever. 
Access the recording here.

Solving Windows Desktop Management Challenges in Education
With the slow economy and shrinking budgets, IT professionals in the education field are forced to do more with less. Watch how Desktop Authority Management Suite can help you proactively manage, secure and support your Windows user environment from a single interface. Plus, it makes it easy to stay compliant with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandates. 
Access the recording here.

The Ever-Changing Security Threat Landscape: How to Survive in a Dangerous Place
With the growth of BYOD and the increasing numbers of devices and platforms to support, the threat landscape is more challenging than ever. Discover how Dell SecureWorks and Dell KACE can help safeguard your business with proven solutions to increase security while improving efficiency. 
Access the recording here.

Upcoming Events
Backyard Boot Kamp
Dell KACE will be in Austin from July 23 (K1000) – 24 (K2000)! If you’re in or around the area, give us a holler and register here today. Keep in mind, early bird registration (and pricing!) is now open for Denver (8/13-14), Minneapolis (9/24-25) and Boston (10/22-23) –check ‘em out here!

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Dell is a Titanium sponsor at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference being held in Houston, TX from July 7-11. Dell solutions span four key domains: Connect, Transform, Inform, and Protect. Dell Software supports these domains with both stand-alone solutions and as part of an end-to-end solution with Dell hardware and services. Stop by booth 601 to view live demos and  learn about the Dell PartnerDirect program.

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