Monday 3 June 2013

Best of Microsoft TechEd 2013 Finalists Announced!

Congratulations to the Finalists for the Microsoft TechEd 2013 "Best of TechEd Awards.

Of the ten categories DELL and the DELL Software group have picked as the finalists for the Best of TechEd awards for 2013.

DELL products were selected for the final round in the following categories;

  • Database: with Dell (Quest) Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
  • Hardware: Dell S2340T Touchscreen Monitor
  • Systems Management : Dell Mobile IT
  • Virtualization: Dell DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace
You can read more about the selection process and the results here:

Here are some quick facts about the DELL vWorkspace product.
Dell DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace is an important new release that further demonstrates Dell’s commitment to vWorkspace as an integral part of its desktop virtualization line-up. A tested/validated reference architecture (RA), DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace is an end-to-end desktop virtualization solution featuring vWorkspace 8.0 on Hyper-V, powered by Dell datacenter hardware, storage, networking – along with Dell Wyse end points. (You have probably heard of this referred to as the project name “Quake”). Dell DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace is positioned as follows:

For customers…
  • In the mid-market space (500 to 5,000 seats) in education, healthcare, finance, MSP, retail
  • Wanting a value platform (cost effective enterprise-class VDI)
  • Wanting to manage both RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Hosting) and VDI from a single console
  • With a preference for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor and familiar with Microsoft tools
DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 enables small to mid-sized organizations to take advantage of existing Microsoft licensing investments and deploy a combination of up to 600 VDI users or 1,040 remote desktop sessions (RDSH). Enhancements include faster and more flexible deployment of converged infrastructure, 10-seat proof of concept, high-end graphics and support for Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012.

In addition, here some details on the the DELL Spotlight tool-set.
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise provides in-depth physical, cloud, and virtual SQL diagnostics. Intuitive overviews of enterprise health and performance, automated alerts and actions, and an integrated Xpert tuning module ensure optimal performance for your SQL Server, Analysis Services, VMware ESX and SQL Azure database environments. Spotlight makes it easy to:

Understand your SQL Server infrastructure health at a glance
Monitor SQL Server’s relational engine, Analysis Services, Windows, VMware ESX and SQL Azure from a single console
  • Customize built-in metrics and alarms
  • Automate performance metric analysis
  • Resolve issues quickly, including long-running processes, blocking locks, deadlocking and more

And, for more information, please check out the following DELL product pages;

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