Tuesday 26 February 2013

Quest\DELL February Webinar and Online Demo Update

Loads of webinars and online demos to talk about today. We are nearly out of Feb and soon will be entering into March Madness - my favorite time of the year.

Here is a quick list of the webinars and online briefings that are scheduled for the next few weeks.

Upcoming Quest\DELL webcasts for February 2013
Join, Craig Mathias of the Farpoint Group as he discusses how the technological landscape is changing for students and institutions. He’ll also talk about the associated benefits for desktop virtualization in education, and how leveraging desktop virtualization makes sense for supporting not only “bring your own device” (BYOD) challenges,
Join experts from Concentrated Technology and Dell to learn how you can overcome healthcare’s “image problem.”

Don’t Forget… LIVE vWorkspace and RemoteScan Demos!
Just a reminder we continue to host LIVE vWorkspace (weekly) and RemoteScan (bi-weekly) demos.  Please feel free to send your prospects to these sessions where they can see firsthand some of the great functionality vWorkspace and RemoteScan bring to the table. 
vWorkspace demos are held every Wednesday at 11am Pac.  RemoteScan demos are held every other Thursday at 11am Pac. Hope to see your prospects there!

Check out the new Quest\DELL Whitepaper: Balancing Desktop Standardization with User Needs: 
Adopting a “corporate standard desktop” has undeniable benefits: it lowers overhead, reduces maintenance, and increases both stability and security.

But the two main client computer types that we’ve become accustomed to – laptops and desktops – aren’t the only game in town anymore. Now we’ve got a variety of virtual desktops, as well as published ones. Moreover, users today aren’t tied to a single client; they’re working from home, from the office, from hotels, and from airplanes.

That means that deploying a “corporate standard desktop” across the organization doesn’t work anymore. Users need different configuration settings depending on a variety of factors, from their current desktop to their current location to the time of day. This white paper explores how IT can balance the usefulness of desktop standardization with the real needs of today’s users.

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