Monday 18 June 2012

Quest ChangeBASE Version 5.0 Released

We have just released a new major version 5.0 of Quest Workspace™ ChangeBASE.  This release offers huge improvements in ease of use through UI enhancements, a single application installer, new project wizard and better reporting. We are also including capability to assist in application discovery – to remove yet another hurdle for Windows 7 migration.

What’s new?
  • Here are some of the exciting new features, for the complete details see: What’s New

Dashboard Reporting and ROI Calculator
  • New web-based reporting dashboard and overall enhanced UI which provides a vastly improved user experience.  Here is a quick snap-shot
    • The dashboard also includes capability to calculate ROI as seen on the right. 
    • This addition allows a customer to input their own figures for how long the remediation tasks take to do manually, so we can show how much time and effort we are saving them using the interface below.

    • Bulk Export of Reports : Issues Summary reports can be produced in bulk as well as individually, making it easier to obtain a broader picture.

Application Discovery Support
  • A new exciting addition is the bundling of Quest Workspace™ Asset Manager (formerly ScriptLogic Asset Manager) with some pricing options.  This will assist in application discovery and rationalization – a major hurdle in many migration projects.  These new features will not only make migration easier, but also improve ease of business-as-usual application management.

Increase Application Virtualization Coverage
  • Virtualisation is now possible for both App-V 4.6 SP1 and ThinApp

New Project Wizard to Get Started quickly and easily
New users can use the New Project Wizard that steps through the processes involved in getting started with application import, assessment and fixing.

Online Resources

How and when can I get it?
Download will be available via the Quest website NOW:

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