Wednesday 27 June 2012

Quest Desktop Virtualization Java Connector 7.6 Released

Here is a another quick update on one of the Quest products: The Java Connector for Quest's Desktop Virtualization product suite:

The Connector for Java is a lightweight Connector that operates in conjunction with Web Access to provide simple, web-based access to a Quest Workspace Desktop Virtualization farm. Users without administrative access to their local desktop can use a web browser to launch the Connector for Java when a native Connector cannot be installed. The Connector for Java v 7.6 is being released to support new features in Quest Workspace Desktop Virtualization 7.6.

Below is a simple FAQ for your reading pleasure. As always, if there are any other questions, feel free to call or email me. 

How can I download and install the QWDV Connector for Java?
The vWorkspace Connector for Java, and its documentation,  can be obtained from  or .
What functionality will the QWDV Connector for Java provide?
The Connector for Java works in conjunction with QWDV Web Access to provide users access to virtual desktops and published applications in a QWDV farm.
Listed below are the new features:
  • Support for Forced Broker Authentication - Allows the Connector for Java to connect to a Quest Workspace Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace) farm by way of a version 7.6 Secure Gateway with Forced Broker Authentication enabled.
  • Support for User Workspace Context - User Workspace Context provides a wealth of information about the context of the user workspace such as latency and bandwidth, type of device used, and Connector version so IT admins can gain valuable insights. These insights can be used when creating advanced targets.
Where can I get the documentation for this release?
The vWorkspace Connector for Java version 7.6 documentation includes the following and can be downloaded from
  • Release notes (containing details of all known issues).
  • User Guide.
  • System Requirements.
  • What’s New.
Can I upgrade from previous versions?
You can upgrade from version 7.5 of the Connector for Java. When upgrading to version 7.6 all existing Web Access web sites will be upgraded with version 7.6 of the Connector for Java.


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