Monday 14 May 2012

Mobilism: Web and Browser Conference Update

I was very fortunate to attend the Mobilism conference in Amsterdam last week. 

It was held in Central Amsterdam at the Pathe Tuschinksi Cinema which was just beautiful.  You can see a photo of the main cinema foyer here: 
Throughout the building, every opportunity was taken to hand paint frescoes and detailed artwork on what seemed like any surface (ceilings, cornices' and every ceiling rose).  Though what really captured my attention was the speaker's and some of their enlightening ideas.

The first day of the 2-day conference went into some deep detail on browser compatibility and getting things working on multiple platforms. I hadn't really taken into account some of the presentation level difficulties that designers were facing when dealing with application compatibility such as;
  •      screen orientation
  •      screen dimensions (width, height)
  •      color depth
  •      device specific hardware issues
In fact, my initial take on browser compatibility started from the desktop, and therefore focused on security and application compatibility. However, as we move more from desktop compatibility to the mobile web, it appears that it's not just the browser that is causing compatibility issues, but the end-point devices as well.

I will be commenting further on this topic, but I wanted to extend a warm thank you to PPK for the invite and the "mates rates" for the Mobilism conference. I have included an image of my invite as it was the first time that I have had my "own promo" code. 

Have a look here:

What fun, eh?

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