Tuesday 7 June 2011

Forrester Webinar - IE and Windows 7 Covered by AOK

Over the last few years, I've been privileged to work alongside some of the most respected analysts in the world. One of them is Ben Gray of Forrester.

Ben has always been very supportive of ChangeBASE and forthcoming with his view on our product development and roadmap. For his guidance and interest I am grateful.

Recently Ben participated in a webinar alongside my colleague Sophie Tidman and a key US partner, Converter Technology. During the session, Ben discussed the issues and challenges organisations are facing as they move to Windows 7 and highlighted some of the primary issues they are feeding back to their Forrester reps. Sophie illustrated how AOK addresses these issues and Converter proved the importance of using an experienced partner to deliver the project.

We recorded the session and have posted it on tour website. If you're interested in what Forrester has to say on the subject of Windows 7 and IE8 migration, then check it out here (http://www.changebase.com/)

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