Thursday 2 June 2011

AOK is now Citrix-ified!

I feel like I have been transplanted into the Marketing department given the type of content I have been posting over the past few weeks. Lots of news about what is going on in ChangeBase and what we are doing (TechEd, Citrix) over the past few weeks.

I thought that I would extend that train of thinking with one more post on our latest efforts with Citrix. One more post - just one...

We have been working with Citrix for quite a while now. Citrix is a huge partner for Microsoft and for us and a key player in the desktop hosting and application virtualization game with their XenApp technology. From the application compatibility side of things, streaming applications via the XenApp streaming technology can pose some challenges. When you stream applications, you are trying to get applications that are used to having kernel access on a machine to work well in a user-mode (virtual environment). This is just one of the issues that you may encounter.

That is why I am so pleased to mention that we(ChangeBase) have now been invited to the Citrix Desktop transformation program and we are now officially a Citrix partner and "Citrix Ready".

You can read about the Citrix DTP program here:

Also, you can read  the ChangeBase press release here:

Most importantly, we have created a number of AOK Plugins that will analyse your application portfolio for potential compatibility issues with Citrix Streamed applications. You can have a quick look at some of the types checks we conduct against potential virtualized applications in the following AOK Plugin snap-shot:

These AOK Plugins represent several thousand individual rules which check for application compatibility, quality and suitability for each application loaded into AOK for analysis.

With these AOK checks, we can ensure prior to installing the application, the application  will run correctly and is a suitable candidate for Virtualization. Which is pretty handy - as G.I. Joe use to say, "Knowing there is a problem - is half the battle!"

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