Friday 3 June 2011

AOK June Linkbait - Industry News!

It's that time again - with another great compilation of news worthy and "reading worthy" links from my colleague Carl.

Also, if you have any suggestions or links, please feel to add your link to the comments section.

Happy Reading!

Operating System News
At long last we have an official preview of Windows 8 to drool over. Steve Ballmer has said it “will come out next year”.
Windows 8 has a new filesystem, I’m hoping it is this one
Don’t leak information about Windows 8, you’ll get fired.
Windows 7 now accounts for a third of worldwide OS market share
After installing Win7 or Win2008R2 you can get a BSOD or a frozen computer, here’s a fix
A bug in Windows 7 deletes all System Restore Points on every reboot if your pagefile is highly fragmented.  Here’s a workaround
Meego, an operating system for netbooks (and cars) by Nokia, Intel and Maemo has reached version 1.2
Microsoft’s free antivirus scanner and malware detector.
XP sounding good after all these years
Every Microsoft PDC video is online
Every previous newsletter has some funky Win7 themes for you to try.  This one is no exception.

Office News
Expect Office 2010 SP1 at the end of June with a big list of changes
New leak of Office 15 Milestone 2 has a lovely UI
Not news, more of a did you know … Did you know that Office 2010 has a built-in method for letting anyone see your presentation over the web? It’s a bit like GTM.
Hotmail Connector updated for reading your hotmail from Outlook.

Cloud News
Windows Azure Toolkits announced for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Microsoft have just made their biggest acquisition to date, buying Skype for $8.5bn.  It may be dwarfed by buying Nokia for $19bn.
Microsoft’s Cloud computing overcomes the laws of physics, illustrated by a confusing infographic
The American National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined Cloud Computing
Learn about Cloud Computing and virtualisation technologies at the Microsoft Virtual Academy
San Fransisco has joined the London Underground and USDA in The Cloud

Packaging News
Robert Dickau has written a blog post on different methods for detecting existing installs
Microsoft research has a neat solution for depixellating images.  Its relevance to packaging? Check out this funky oldskool setup icon!
Companies use ‘branding’ registry keys to stamp installs on machines, but it is not that straightforward on 64bit windows.  Here’s a solution.
Small, simple freeware for mounting ISO files in Windows 7
The 2011 Rapture failed because of install issues
Progress bars on the underground

Browser News
IE9 developer content roundup and Pinned Sites course
IE9 reaches 17% share on Windows 7 in US but IE overall continues to lose market share
Firefox 5 beta available for download

Mobile News
IE9 will soon be available on Windows Phone
Microsoft’s Windows Phone is losing market share, Apple seems to have plateaued and Android continues to increase share.
Great News! You don’t need to buy an iPad … Angry Birds is available on the Chrome browser.
Patent laws mean that Microsoft have made 3x more money from HTC selling Android phones than it has by selling its own phones.
Windows Mobile 6.x support set to end on July 15
Something Silly to Finish on
A quote from Will Ferrell

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