Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Desktop Authority Released

It's been a few days since I last posted - I always find it hard to crank out something when I am travelling.

This week, DELL Software Group released a new version of the Desktop Authority Suite - here are some of the details;

The DELL DSG Desktop Authority Management Suite is a comprehensive, user environment. With the
Desktop Authority Management Suite, admins can easily create a secure, consistent environment for each user; automatically package and test applications consistently; and ensure that applications run with only the privileges and access needed.
  • Desktop Authority Standard Edition
  • Desktop Authority USB/Port Security
  • Privilege Manager
  • MSI Studio Pro
The user environment management capabilities of the Desktop Authority Management Suite are also a perfect complement to the client management features in the K1000 Management Appliance. In fact, customers can receive an additional 20% off by purchasing both together. This combination gives customers complete client management (software distribution, hardware / software inventory, patching and service desk) along with a complete user environment management tool-kit.

To find out more about the DSG Desktop Authority Suite, look here: http://www.quest.com/desktop-authority-management-suite/

You can also find weekly demonstration webinars and videos here: http://www.quest.com/events/list.aspx?contenttypeid=15&prod=780

And, finally you can download a copy of the suite that all includes all three products here: http://www.quest.com/common/registration.aspx?requestdefid=56068

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