Friday 5 April 2013

DELL vWorskspace 8.0 Released

We're very excited to announce the release of Dell vWorkspace 8.0, the first release of vWorkspace in being a part of Dell!

The road to the Dell vWorkspace 8.0 release has been a very interesting one as we worked with our   colleagues in other parts of Dell. Along the way, we’ve had a lot of interest from our passionate customer base and Dell colleagues about the direction of the product. Now that Quest Software is a part of Dell, we can safely say we're more dedicated than ever in providing our customers with a cost-efficient desktop virtualization that provides unique value and enables customers to embrace BYOD while delivering an excellent user experience no matter where they are or what connectivity they might have.

The major new functionality in Dell vWorkspace 8.0 is a great testament to this!

User Experience Boost While Requiring 80% Less Bandwidth
Dell vWorkspace 8.0 has full support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 - we are able to leverage one of the most important features in these new platforms: RemoteFX (or as it is also known RDP8). This new version of RDP provides a true user experience boost and the great thing about it is that it doesn't matter whether you are connected across the LAN or the WAN. Usually, this kind of a performance improvement comes at the price of requiring more network bandwidth but not with Dell vWorkspace 8.0 - you actually need less bandwidth. Using the industry-standard LoginVSI benchmark a staggering 80% reduction in bandwidth usage can be seen!
And on top of that, Dell vWorkspace 8.0 makes the user experience even better by adding value with our EOP technologies like, for example, EOP Flash Acceleration.

Reducing Storage Costs even further and making RD Session Host even more Cost Efficient

We've introduced some amazing new features in the Hyper-V Catalyst Components.
in Dell vWorkspace 8.0 we enhanced our patent-pending HyperDeploy technology to optimize the storage of virtual desktops that are managed by Dell vWorkspace 8.0. The disk space savings are amazing: running the industry standard Login VSI benchmark, HyperDeploy only consumed 50% of the disk space normally required when compared to previous versions.
We brought the benefits of our patent-pending HyperCache to RD Session Host! Earlier testing showed that 80% IOPS reduction can be easily achieved. So with Dell vWorkspace 8.0 customers now benefit from the IOPS reduction and performance improvement on RD Session as well!

User Experience Monitoring
In Dell vWorkspace 8.0 we introduce a completely new feature called User Experience Monitoring. This feature was designed from the ground up to help customers get to the bottom of user experience issues as fast as possible. The User Experience Monitor functionality is available right from the single vWorkspace Management Console and allows customer to answer important questions about the user experience, such as for example:
  • What kind of device is being used? For example it might be good to know if it is an iPhone or a Windows PC.
  • What is the network quality like? We show you the current and past network statistics so you can understand if they are a factor.
  • What version of the vWorkspace Connector is connected? Maybe a really old version is being used - important to know.
  • Is EOP being used? We show you exactly which EOP features are in use.
  • How is vWorkspace used? It is important to know whether a student is on campus or not or perhaps whether the user is in the office or working from home.
The features above are the main new features but there is some other great new functionality in Dell vWorkspace 8.0 like: 
  • Multi-Tenancy: The new Multi-Tenancy capability in vWorkspace 8.0 drives down the cost of desktop virtualization by reducing the infrastructure and administrative efforts needed to support complex vWorkspace deployments that span multiple domains, as commonly seen in DaaS customers.
  • Anonymous User Support: Customers can assign vWorkspace resources anonymously, removing the need for authentication before a user can use a vWorkspace resource, for example a Managed Application. This feature is very convenient in environments where shared workstations or kiosk deployments are common; such as in healthcare or education.
  • Quest Password Manager Integration: An option to use Quest Password Manager has been added to vWorkspace Web Access and the vWorkspace Windows Connector to allow customers to use the rich feature set of Quest Password Manager for their password management requirements.
  • EOP Flash Acceleration Improvements: EOP Flash Acceleration automatically adapts for the best possible user experience based on the network characteristics, working together with RemoteFX (RDP8). In addition,  EOP Flash Acceleration is faster and supports even more sites out of the box.
  • Additional RD Session Host Logon Security: Dell vWorkspace 8.0 allows customers to add an extra layer of security because access to a RD Session Host is only allowed if a user is successfully authenticated by the vWorkspace Connection Broker.
Here are some things customers can do to learn more:

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