Tuesday 5 March 2013

Quest March Madness: Online Webinar Update

I mentioned a little while ago about "March Madness" and the veritable plethora of on-line webinars and technical sessions available from Quest Software this March.

Here are a few of the ones focused on security and application compatibility that I thought may be worth joining in.

March 13th and March 27 th  Delivering Applications & Managing Configurations in the User Environment
In this webcast, discover the power of automation when delivering applications, controlling configurations across desktops, virtual desktops, and remote sessions and much more.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the workspace to meet the user’s needs
  • Providing user access to what they need, regardless of login device or location
  • Enforcing security policies with browser settings, removable devices
  • Supporting users remotely
  • Ensure your users get the applications and configurations they need – without your relying on login scripts.
March 13th  How can desktop virtualization benefit educational institutions?
For this live webcast, join Craig Mathias of the Farpoint Group as he discusses how the technological landscape is changing for students and institutions. He’ll also talk about the associated benefits for desktop virtualization in education, and how leveraging desktop virtualization makes sense for supporting not only “bring your own device” (BYOD) challenges, but other issues for IT such as:
  • Providing access in labs, classrooms, public use areas, and kiosks 
  • Managing multiple images for different campus use cases 
  • Maintaining frequently changing desktop images 

March 21st Vertical – Securing the User Environment in Government Agencies
During the webcast and demo, we will show you a solution that allows you:
  • Target, manage and enforce user access to network resources, printers and applications
  • Centrally manage user access to external devices and selectively allow read, write or no access for data transfer.
  • Centrally manage browser settings like proxy settings, pop-up blockers and trusted/blocked sites in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Remotely resolve desktop issues and changes without interrupting users.
March 27th Simplify virtual desktop support for scanners and image acquisition devices
At this live webcast, join experts from Concentrated Technology and Dell to learn how you can overcome healthcare’s “image problem.”
  • Support any number of scanners to be shared on a network
  • Connect TWAIN and WIA-compliant scanners and imaging devices
  • Use lossless compression to enhance data transmission performance
  • Ease firewall administration with RDP and ICA support

March 28th
Windows XP, arguably the most enduring OS Microsoft has released, will be officially phased out April 2014 when the company “sunsets” support for the product. Is your team ready?

Sign up for our special webcast broadcasting Thursday, March 28 to get answers to these pressing questions:
  • How can I speed up migrating from Windows XP to 7 before April 2014?
  • Should I consider Windows 8?
  • Should client virtualization be part my migration or overall enterprise strategy?
  • How can I manage Windows and my applications better on an ongoing basis?
Join Here: The end of Windows XP is approaching fast. Are you ready?

You definitely want to join me for this Forrester session - As, David and I will cover some of the key migration topics for Windows 7 and 8.

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