Tuesday 18 December 2012

vWorksSpace Connector Updated

A quick post today regarding the vWorkspace team which had a busy day yesterday; publishing both the maintenance release version 2.0.1 for vWorkspace Connector for Android and the new 3.13.2 version of vWorkspace – MokaFive Suite.

Dell vWorkspace Connector for Android delivers vWorkspace hosted Windows desktops and applications to remote users connecting with an Android phone or tablet. It can also be used to make direct RDP connections.  With version 2.0.1 we have added several improvements such as:
  • Increased performance for audio based applications such as Microsoft Lync.
  • Improved support for versions of vWorkspace Secure Gateway that don’t support Forced Broker Authentication.

 To access the Connector for Android installer, visit the Google Play Store.

Dell vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite provides  a client side hypervisor with policy based management and layering of the OS , apps and data - a powerful  combination.
With the release of 3.13.2 we have added the following:
  • Windows 8 Host Support- Users now have the ability to run the vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player on a Windows 8 (64-bit) host.
  • Expanded VPN Integration- vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite has been updated to provide support for any VPN solution that supports Start Before Logon (SBL) or Pre-Logon Access Providers (PLAP). This allows first time users to establish a VPN connection before logging into Windows.
  • User-selectable LivePC Location- During installation of the vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player users can select where to store the LivePC image on their local computer.

To download the connector, follow the link to the DELL product and support page: https://support.quest.com/searchdocumentation.aspx?pr=268445634