Friday 5 October 2012

DELL Technical Demos: Now online

Sometimes a picture is a worth a thousand words... And in the case of technical demos, a video is worth even more.

I found these little gems a few days ago. Here is a list of some great technical demoes that have put online covering some of the ChangeBASE/ScriptLogic/Quest/DELL offerings;

Desktop Authority 
Smart IT administrators are beginning to realize that centrally configuring the user environment and application automation are critically important to keeping their jobs.  That’s automation in delivering applications, as well as controlling their configurations across desktops, virtual desktops, and remote sessions.  In this webcast, we will cover:
  • Targeting configurations to the right users
  • Complementing existing client management technologies
  • Centrally delivering  applications to physical and virtual desktops

You need a comprehensive help desk solution that can help your staff efficiently track, identify and resolves issues quickly and automatically with self-service and integrated management tools.
In this webcast, we will show you how to:
  • Remotely identify, track and close issues faster through our “Virtual Desk Visit”
  • Include asset management information for your software and hardware on help desk tickets
  • Automate routine tasks and empower users with self-service tools to resolve basic issues
  • Use Event Management to save time and money by detecting and resolving infrastructure problems automatically
  • Implement Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices

Asset Manager 
Implementing a software asset management solution will save you time, headaches and can help ensure that you stay in compliance with your license agreements. In this webcast, we will discuss why no one likes asset management, what tools are and are not helpful and why you need to tie assets back to contracts. This webinar will cover the following;
  • Automatically discover and identify software, including bundles
  • Track actual software usage and costs
  • Tie software licenses back to contracts
  • Easily run software usage and compliance reports

Privilege Manager
Do you have administrator rights or don’t you, have been the only options at our disposal.
Yet simply killing off Administrator doesn’t solve the problem.  Something must fill the hole its death leaves behind.  In its place, IT dreams of a more granular approach to privilege management that aligns the actions users want to accomplish with those that you’ve specifically permitted.
In this webcast, we will show you how to:
  • Increase productivity through policy based elevation of user privileges
  • Minimize security issues caused by unauthorized access
  • Manage user privileges by giving them access to what they need
  • Create custom elevation rules by leveraging Group Policy Objects
  • Get immediate ROI by using over 100 Pre-Defined elevation policies


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