Monday 10 September 2012

Quest UWM Webinar and Session Calendar Update

It's back to school and time to get back to work - so, I thought I would post a brief update on some of the Quest UWM (User Workspace Management) seminar and webinar calendar dates.

Here is a quick reminder for those in Europe: 

How to Deploy Windows 7 with Ease
Speaker: Microsoft & Quest
Friday, September 14 10.30 a.m. BST

And if you care about application compatibility, application packaging or just getting applications deployed to your user base, you should check out the Packaging Event in the Netherlands.

Date: October 11-12 2012

The ChangeBASE team will  have two speaking slots and a workshop at this Packaging and Compatibility focused trade-show. 

See details of these below:
  • Speaker Session, Oct. 11: “User Workspace Management and Application Readiness” (Sophie Tidman, Systems Consulting Manager): Find out how to easily prepare your applications for migration to new Microsoft Windows and Office platforms, new Internet Explorer versions, and virtualized desktop and application environments.
  • Speaker Session, Oct. 12 : “Application Compatibility Beyond Windows 7 – Turbo-Charging Your Packaging”(Ann Maya, Senior Workspace Technologist): Learn how automated packaging and an integrated MSI editing tool can dramatically accelerate adoption of not only Windows 7, but Windows 8, App-V 5.0, Windows Server 2012 and more.
  • ChangeBASE Workshop, Oct. 11: (Led by Ben Cook, Systems Consultant and Sophie Tidman, Systems Consulting Manager): See firsthand how our unmatched solution can find and fix application compatibility issues  in minutes, and then provide you with a wide range of reports — from high-level overviews to technical details. 

You might have heard that Dell now has a special interest in Quest. 

As part of this acquisition process, DELL and Quest are getting together and having a "Lunch and Learn" where you will be able to find out how Dell and Quest make a great team to deliver your migrations faster.

Topic: Accelerate and Simplify Windows 7 and 8 Deployments for Any Device
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - Pasadena, CA

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - Salt Lake City, UT

Have Fun!

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