Friday 9 March 2012

Quest's New Approach to Windows 7 migrations: Whitepaper

Quest and TechTarget have together and have produced a good overview of the Windows 7 migration process and the role of automated application compatibility assessment and remediation. 

Here is a quick summary of the document;
"Organizations are scrambling to expedite their Windows 7 migrations and ensure application compatibility. Though desktop virtualization would simply Windows 7 migration and address other business needs including security and mobility, many organizations find the prospect of implementing both at the same time overwhelming. This white paper presents new technologies that can help automate application compatibility testing and remediation, allowing businesses to boldly take on both projects.
This Quest and TechTarget application compatibility focused white-paper covers the following topics;
  • Automated application compatibility assessment
  • Automated compatibility remediation
  • Automated assessment and resolution of application compatibility issues for virtual desktop and application environment
  • Flexible approaches to virtualized application format conversion
  • Compliance with organizational best practices and business rule
  • Ongoing compatibility assurance
  • Detailed browser compatibility reporting

You can download the full copy of the document here (note: you have to register at TechTarget first) :

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Deloris Mills said...

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