Thursday 15 September 2011

Making the leap to IE9

Some say the summer months are an opportunity to kick back, relax and take in what’s been going on in the world at large. It doesn’t seem to be that way at ChangeBASE though, our development team have been busier than ever and the professional services team are maxed out working with partners and their prospects to ensure the world of application compatibility is doing what it should.

Which in itself is nothing new for a rapidly growing company, but what has been interesting is the work they are doing around Internet Explorer 9 and getting web applications compatible with the browser. On average 20% of the Fortune 1000 and FTSE 500 companies we will be working with over the next 12 months are looking at deploying IE9 as part of their Windows 7 migration. What’s causing them issues is achieving compatibility and that has led us to revisit the AOK plug-in road map and bring forward some of our scheduled development.

Today we’re announcing AOK IE9 Report Group Plug-ins. In total we’ve developed fourteen plug-ins which address the presentation and operational issues surrounding web application compatibility to this browser. You can read the press release in full here, but in essence we’ve addressed the following issues;

IE9 Presentation Compatibility

The AOK IE9 Plug-ins addresses compatibility issues including; MIME Handling Analysis, Asian font, static text issues and CSS3 Declaration Compatibility. For all of these concerns, the AOK IE9 Plug-ins will test the web application against these known issues and report via the AOK Red Amber Green reporting structure all at the click of a button.

IE9 Operational Compatibility

Operational compatibility issues concern the way in which a web application behaves when accessed via the browser. In IE9 there are nine areas which can cause the web application to experience errors. These include compatibility issues around HTML syntax, attributes and properties, iFrames, JavaScript properties, framework and functions, and Deprecated DOM events. Again, in all of these errors the AOK IE9 plug-in will test and report on compatibility issues, illustrating the severity via the AOK Red Amber Green reports at a granular level.

To coincide with the release of the AOK IE9 Plug-in we’ve created a short video to give an overview of some of the challenges organisations are facing when it comes to web application compatibility and specifically IE9. In the video we also demonstrate the plug-ins so you can see for yourself how they work within the AOK Workbench. You can view the video here.

Check it out; it might just be the solution to your IE9 web application compatibility challenge.

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