Monday 1 August 2011

Linkbait: August 2011

Just got back from Microsoft's TechReady event in Seattle. I had a great time and still getting used to the UK time zone. That said, the weather in Seattle was absolutely glorious. Very surprising as I was expecting another wet and cold week on the coast - but no - instead we had glorious sunshine. Truly Seattle at it's best.

As I am still getting myself together is list of interesting news links gathered by my colleague Carl. Enjoy!

Windows News
400,000,000 Windows 7 licences have been sold
Fujitsu have released the first phone powered by Windows 7.  It has a battery life of ~2 hours.
Vista SP1 is now an unsupported operating system
Windows 8 feature summary
Expect Windows 8 in April 2012
A look at 24 years of Windows Package design
Two gorgeous Windows 7 themes for you to spice up your desktop

Migration News
XP has less than 1000 days of support remaining
New version released of Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Browser News
IE9 continues to be more popular as IE’s use declines
Internet Explorer 10 will support sandboxing imported iframes

Cloud News
Office 365 explained
Windows Server 8 will be cloud-focused
Getting approval from The Cloud

Virtualisation News
Soon we will have a new platform, Microsoft Server Application Virtualisation.  The development team have already been working with Microsoft and our new plugin tests should be available very soon.

Financial News
Microsoft post record Q4 earnings of $17.37 billion
As Nokia prepare for using the Windows Phone 7 operating system they have reported their first quarterly loss for 18 months
Apple have posted a record profit

Mobile News
Samsung is estimated to have sold between 18 million and 21 million smartphones globally in the April-June quarter, compared with 16.7 million for Nokia and 20.3 million iPhones.
All Smartphones numbers compared to last year
A third of all Americans now own a Smartphone
Android users love cooking their own ROMs, just one of them has half a million users, but there are more than that number of new Android phones being bought every day
The World Health Organisation has made a surprising conclusion about a link between mobile phones and cancer
How to choose a new phone

Tablet News
Tablets for children
Tablets for £129

Office News
100,000,000 licences of Office 2010 have been sold
Office 2010 SP1 is out
The office team have been busy making silly videos with office
Skydrive’s adoption of HTML5 allows multiple users to simultaneously edit Word documents

Developer’s Corner
It’s not often that someone invents a new sorting algorithm, especially a silly one
How the Windows Directory is the equivalent to the Apple Application Bundle

Web News
Google+, their answer to facebook is a problem looking for a solution
With all those passwords being stolen from Sony, Sega, etc. you may want to check to see if yours is one of them

And, in the Birthday Corner
Happy 20th Sonic
Excel is 25 years old

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