Monday 20 June 2011

Linkbait: June 2011

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Windows News
Milestone 3 of Windows 8 has been leaked
Windows 8 has a new install program format, AppX. It looks like the followup to ClickOnce and one click deployment, neither of which have had an impact on the enterprise desktop.
Windows 8 will have a taskbar that spreads across multiple monitors, and will have support for limiting 3G data.
Windows 8 Server edition comes with a new version of Hyper-V

We can reveal that the version number of Windows 8 will be 6.2, which reveals that it is intended to be fairly compatible with Vista (6.0) and Windows 7 (6.1).

A revealing interview with Steven Sinofsky by a rather aggressive WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg
The full 30 minute recording of the Windows 8 tablet demo

Windows Thin PC (the one for VDI with built in virtualisation, my top-tip for one-to-watch) has reached RTM and will be released on July 1st.

Aerial Photographs Windows Desktop Theme, and a special theme for teenage girls … Justin Beiber

Office News
Microsoft have revealed that “business customers are deploying Office 2010 five times faster than they deployed Office 2007.”

Cloud News
Apple have launched iCloud, their version of SkyDrive. You will be able to sync 5Gb of music and data to their servers, kept here, unless you’re running XP.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a perfectly designed box.  The music you store doesn’t even need to have been purchased from iTunes.
A little cartoon about The Cloud

Internet Explorer
The conference video “What developers think of Internet Explorer”, now in watchable quality.

Mobile News
Microsoft have published a guide to help Android developers move to Windows Phone
Windows Phone’s market share continues to plummet.
After last month’s rumour that Microsoft may buy Nokia, Samsung are rumoured to be considering the purchase too, while poaching their engineers.
HTC’s sales figures for May were $1.42 billion, doubling last year’s figure

Technology News
We are mentioned in The Register in an article about patch management (thanks ML)

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