Thursday 10 March 2011

IE9 Released to the World March 14

I was fortunate enough to attend a great session today on IE9 Readiness, which you can find the link here: 

Most importantly, it's now official: IE9 will be released on March 14th!

Martin Beeby was the presenter and did a great job walking through some of the new benefits of IE9 and how both JavaScript and graphic rendering performance have been dramatically improved.  As a result of the graphic rendering enhancements, IE9 will NOT be supported on windows XP due to the way that IE9 capitalizes on Vista and Windows 7 graphics cards.

We also how IE9 has scored on the standards driven ACID 3 test with the screen-shot captured from the session below.

Why not 100%? This is due the fact that IE9 does not support SVG fonts. 

That said, we saw some great examples of improved CSS support with the CSS3 Selectors Test results. 43 out of 32 tests were passed - which is great news. Here is a quick snap-shot of that screen-grab.
As I mentioned, Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 (IE9) will be released next week on March 14th at the South by South (SXSW) 2011 Event.
You can find the link for that event here:

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