Monday 21 February 2011

Microsoft TechReady 12 Round-Up

It's kinda good to be back in London after a week in Seattle. If you looked outside, you would not notice that much different though. Bar the beautiful pan-Pacific and snow-capped mountain views, it's just like London.

The internal Microsoft conference (TechRead 12 or TR12) was a real blast as I was able to catch-up with some old friends and meet a slew of new people.

Ironically, one the people that I met and was able to spend some time with was from the UK. Simon and I have similar jobs (both technology evangelists) and seemed to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail after labouring through a conference hall of chock-full of technology buffs.

Simon blogs for Microsoft and has posted some good stuff. Have a look here: and specifically his excellent coverage on the Microsoft Cloud briefing located here:

I am going to be busy this week - I have a day to job to catch-up on.

And, speaking of day-job, we are changing our weekly webinar format slightly this week. We will be taking submissions for desktop applications and web-based applications. Once submitted, we are hoping to walk through some real-life compatibility examples (both desktop and web-based) and see what results the AOK Browse-It generate.

I will post an update tomorrow on the exact format/structure for the webinar. See you soon.

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