Monday 14 September 2009

Windows 7 - BSOD

Ok, I have admittedly waxed lyrical about Windows 7. I think it's the best Operating System Microsoft has ever shipped, with more features, better security and great vendor support. This means that my experience from initial system build, 1st logon and daily use has been quicker, easier and more effective than with Vista or Windows XP. As a result, I have been installing Windows 7 everywhere.

All friends and family have got a new build. Windows 7 is on desktops, laptops and my daughters netbooks.

However, now that I am getting into the 20-30 system range... I am finding some problems. And, very surprising its not application compatibility but more system level compatibility issues - I think. The problem is, I am now getting little hints of that blue gremlin... Blue Screens of Death (BSODS).


Three separate cases now...

The 1st: A laptop (2 years old), with a fresh install... Was sitting there... Doing nothing for about 3 days. Then during a teleconference, I spotted a flash from the corner of my eye. And, BAM! The machine flipped me with a BSOD. The machine power cycled with repeated blue screens until I powered the poor little guy down and rebuilt it... And, this is Windows 7 RTM.

The 2nd: My laptop. It's a VAIO (which some may think that I get what I deserve). 2 weeks with the RTM build. A Blue Screen, a reboot and then the message, "Install Missing Operating System". That was a bad day for daddy.

The 3rd: The current/latest version of Microsoft Virtual PC hates my copy Windows 7 RTM. I can create a build no problem. It runs fine, until I try to install the Virtual PC support tools. Then 100% repeatably (is this a word??), I can generate a BSOD.

Of course, there are people out there who have the same refrain whenever I complain; "Can you show me an example?"

And, today the answer is, "Yes, I most certainly can"

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