Wednesday 8 July 2009

Microsoft Asset and Planning Solution Accelerator

Well it has been a little while now since I have updated my blog. Apologies for that - the momentum of work has really pushed me away from the regular updates that I would like to deliver.

There is a number of new tools that I have been "playing" with over the past few weeks. One of the more interesting updates to the Microsoft Application compatibility tool-sets is the Microsoft Asset and Planning (MAP) Solution Accelerator.

Microsoft Solution Accelerators are generally a collection of tools and documentation that attempts to address a particular issue; such as migration to a new platform, Office compatibility or, in the case of the MAP tool-set, to determine which hardware is suitable for Windows 7. Other Microsoft Solution Accelerators that come to mind include;

  • Business Desktop Deployment (the infamous BDD)
  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.2
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008
  • Windows Vista Security Compliance Management Toolkit
  • 2007 Microsoft Office Security Compliance Management Toolkit
  • Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs
  • Security Compliance Management Toolkit series

The complete list of Solution Accelerators can be found here:

The Microsoft Asset and Planning tool-kit contains a huge amount of desktop deployment documentation and once installed (requires SQL Express) is able to automatically (and agentlessly) scan your network for computer hardware information. This information is then compiled into some great reports. In addition, there are some really good proposal templates ("starters for 10 ") that should get you going in your effort to determine which machines (servers, desktops and virtual machines) are ready for Vista/W7 and what particular deficiencies or components need to be updated or upgraded.

The link to the MAP portion of the Microsoft Connect site can be found here.

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