Thursday 23 October 2008

PDC 2008 - Windows 7 in the wings

I may or may not be able to attend the Microsoft PDC conference next week  - my schedule right now is pretty hectic. I wonder about when  I get really, really busy. I think to myself, "Am I just badly organized, or is this just a normal reaction to a huge work-load. My life coach and a good friend, Chris, would admonish me and say, "you should try not to book back-to-back meetings.", My reply, "ALL my meetings are back to back".  That said, the invite to the PDC is on Microsoft's coin and I will really try to make it there.

From the pre-conference briefings and the M$ internal updates I have received (which incidentally have been incredibly well-presented, polished and very entertaining - well done guys)  we are going to see a lot about Windows 7 (the next version of Vista) and Strata.  Strata refers to Microsoft's "cloud" based operating system - or service. I am not quite sure - but it sure sounds interesting.

I am also getting the feeling that Windows 7 may ship on schedule. I have seen a build now and it looks really good. I can't provide much more detail due to my NDA with Microsoft but it looks like Vista with some really cool UI tweaks. Also, judging the presentations I have received, it looks like application compatibility is going to be a big topic for Windows 7 and a major focus for Microsoft.

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