Thursday 16 May 2013

Dell vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 7.6

Dell vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 7.6. has just been released 
The Connector for Mac OS X enables an organization's users to connect to vWorkspace enabled virtual desktops running Microsoft Windows and/or Linux from a Macintosh client. This provides companies the ability to deliver Windows-based, line-of-business applications to their Mac users while keeping corporate assets, such as intellectual property, in the datacenter and off the BYOD device. The Connector for Mac OS X, in conjunction with vWorkspace, can improve the manageability and security of your desktop environment. And now, with the new features of the vWorkspace Connector for Mac, such as support for Microsoft's RemoteFX codec, performance and usability have taken a large leap forward.

The following new features are provided with this release:

Remote FX

This release of the vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X upgrades its support for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol by adding the RemoteFX codec to its toolset. Dell vWorkspace users can now benefit from the advances in the RDP protocol introduced with version 7.0, such as its tile-based transform and entropy coding. This improvement is the first step in providing support for the latest features of RDP 8.0.

New User Interface

The Mac Connector's user interface has been updated, and it is the last of the vWorkspace Connectors to upgrade to the new look.

User Workspace Context

User Workspace Context has been added as a feature of the Connector for Mac. This allows vWorkspace administrators to assign resources to users based upon connector-side criteria such as the type of Connector in use. For example, a specific printer could be mapped to users who are connecting from the internal network, but only when using a Macintosh. Users connecting from PCs or other devices, such as Android, would not see that resource as an available option.

vWorkspace Broker Authentication

vWorkspace Broker Authentication increases the security of vWorkspace Secure Gateway by introducing an added layer of validation for the connecting user before establishing a session to the virtual desktop. The vWorkspace Connectors need to be aware of this validation layer in order to support the feature and the Connector for Mac now provides that functionality.

Where to download

The installer and associated documentation can be found on or on our trial software page by clicking the try button. 

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