Monday 20 May 2013

ChangeBASE Webcast - The End of Windows XP — Four Things You Should Know

A little but of self-promotion here. I will be conducting a web-cast on how to migrate to Windows 7 and 8 quicker with less risk in a few days time on Friday. Come join me!

Here are the details

When: June 7th, 10 am BST
Windows XP, arguably the most enduring OS Microsoft has released, will be officially phased out April 2014 when the company “sunsets” support for the product. Is your team ready?

In this live webcast, gain expert insights on how to get ahead of the Windows XP phase-out. Learn about four opportunities to take advantage of the change and get ahead of the competition:

  • How can I speed up migrating from Windows XP to 7 before April 2014?
  • Should I consider Windows 8?
  • Should client virtualization be part my migration or overall enterprise strategy?
  • How can I manage Windows and my applications better on an ongoing basis?

Learn how your business can successfully transition from the end of Windows XP, and help make spring 2014 truly a growing season.

You can Register here:

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