Monday 14 January 2013

January Quest UWM Update

Loads going on at the moment, and I thought I would post a quick marketing and webinar update for this January. Here are two DELL Quest product demos and introductory webinars coming in the next few weeks.

Solving Three Problems by Eliminating User Administrative Rights

It’s time we eliminated the role of Administrator from our Windows servers and desktops. Why? Inside Microsoft Windows, the notion of Administrator and administrator rights was never well designed in the first place.  With that design, we’ve long been suffering under what amounts to a binary view of privileges:  Do you have administrator rights or don’t you, have been the only options at our disposal.
In this webcast, we will show you how to:
  • Increase productivity through policy based elevation of user privileges
  • Minimize security issues caused by unauthorized access
  • Manage user privileges by giving them access to what they need
  • Create custom elevation rules by leveraging Group Policy Objects
  • Get immediate ROI by using over 100 Pre-Defined elevation policies
Registration Information:

Delivering Applications & Managing Configurations in the User Environment
It wasn’t that long ago when “the best practice” in configuring the user environment, like a desktop was to use logon scripts. These scripts were cumbersome and challenging to target to the right users. The “best practice” in delivering applications involved walking around with DVDs.  Today, those practices are nowhere near best.  Smart IT administrators are beginning to realize that centrally configuring the user environment and application automation are critically important to keeping their jobs. 
In this webcast, we will cover:
  • Targeting configurations to the right users
  • Complementing existing client management technologies
  • Centrally delivering  applications to physical and virtual desktops
Registration date and time information:
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT WebEx

And, best of all the 20% discount on DELL's Quest UWM products has been extended.

And saving the best for last, here is a chance to win a tablet. 
Download one of our free 30-day trials from our User Workspace Management solution categories and enter a chance to win a Dell XPS 10 Tablet.

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