Saturday 3 March 2012

Windows 7 and IE WebCast with Chris Jackson: Updated

Hey, join us for a webinar with Chris Jackson (the "App-compat guy")....

The presenters for this WebCast are :

  • Chris Jackson, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Corporation
  • Mike Russell, Systems Consultant, Quest Software
  • Greg Lambert, Microsoft Application Readiness Expert, Quest Software

Join Quest Software and Microsoft for an interactive webcast on how to easily prepare your applications for migrations to Microsoft Windows and Office platforms, new Internet Explorer versions, and virtualized desktop and application environments. Experts will show you solutions that can help you rapidly assess and fix application compatibility issues that can kill productivity in your organization.

You’ll see how to:

  • Convert non-standard applications into Microsoft Standard Installer format for a comprehensive assessment of your application portfolio
  • Prioritize applications to be re-licensed, replaced, and tested, with “red, amber, green” rankings for suitability.
  • Avoid manual assessments and remediation, troublesome deployments and post-migration support issues
  • Understand the impact of Windows updates and patches within minutes, and introduce them with confidence
  • Identify applications that can be virtualized within seconds and ensure they meet packaging standards
  • Don’t miss this chance to learn how you can carry out timely, successful migrations of your applications to fully leverage business-critical Microsoft infrastructure. 

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Updated: For those who were unable to attend or want to hear the session again, the recording of this web cast is now available here:


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