Friday 14 October 2011

Linkbait: October 2011

My colleague Carl has done it again and delivered some great links to some good reading on our industry and ChangeBase.

Migration news
A powerpoint presentation called “Life after Windows XP” containing some great arguments for upgrading to Windows 7.
Windows 7 has just passed XP as most widely used OS
The Microsoft performance team explain the advantage of 64bit Windows
Converter Technology look at whether it is worth skipping Windows7 and going straight to Windows8. Microsoft say 10 years is enough, just upgrade now will you?
Chris Jackson posted a link to his chat with Emily and Greg.

Packaging News
Symantec have announced that they will discontinue Wise. In my opinion they have never understood the asset that they had.  It’s not just a piece of software but the fuel for an entire industry.  It is still used by a vast proportion of all packaging teams.  Aaaagh I am so angry, upset and disappointed right now.
Can you pass the Windows 7 Deployment exam? I’ll admit that I scraped a pass by 1%
After reporting last month that AppX may succeed, an article on why AppX Just Might Fail.
A Microsoft mindmap download is available on the topic of deployment
A ThinApp guide to the Taskbar, and Start Menu Pinning gives you an insight into their virtualisation process.
The unattend file allows you to change some standard windows folders but not Program Files.

Windows 8 News
The Building Windows 8 Blog is a very well-written guide to the design philosophy behind the new features.  Learn about how the start menu has evolved into the start screen.
Translations are being sought for the new charm and app terminologies
Desktop gadgets are being axed, but you never used them anyway

Obituary Corner
Dennis Ritchie, inventor of the C programming language, co-author of the famous book on it, and co-creator of the Unix operating system, has died ;

Mobile News
The new 64Gb iPhone 4S has been launched.  Apple say “It’s a good phone”
The Samsung Galaxy SII has won every award going and has sold 10 Million

Cloud News
Windows 8 can seamlessly integrate with skydrive

Technology News
Microsoft have slipped to third most valuable tech company behind IBM and Apple
I want a new computer, the best one consumes 10Mw although the old ones look nice.
Our partners Converter Technologies write about broken links in office documents.

Browser News
Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 Passes 30% Share in the US
Firefox 7 has shipped, version 8 is now in beta
What is The Internet and How does it Work?

Enjoy and have a listen of the Chris Jackson pod-cast. Chris is always both entertaining and educating.

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