Thursday 6 January 2011

Industry Reading

A colleague of mine (Carl) regularly produces some links to some interesting reading on our industry and technology partners.

I thought that I would share some of these links with you...

Operating Systems News
Microsoft have announced a Windows 8 version for low powered devices.  Sneaky pic here
Google’s Chrome OS now has hardware and its cousin SplashtopOS is doing well
Windows 7 is still thought of as ‘Vista done Right’
Little Big Planet (a game) does a great impression of Windows XP

Microsoft Office News
The Office Genuine Advantage program has been abandoned

Internet Explorer
A zero day vulnerability affecting all versions of IE and a toolkit to try to mitigate it
Microsoft have released an HLML5 Firefox plugin for Windows7 to use its hardware acceleration.
IE9 beta has now had 20 million downloads

Packaging News
A new white paper from Flexera titled Microsoft App-V – What Software Developers Should Know
Penfrops may be a 15 year old problem but its biting .Net 4

And, for a little fun stuff, here is a link how to improve the performance of your application... Remember perception is reality. Follow the New Scientist article on  the psychology of progressbars  

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