Tuesday 11 January 2011

AOK and Centrix: Integrating into the Discovery Stream

As you all know, I work for ChangeBase which produces the IP driven application compatibility solution called AOK WorkBench. Apologies for the blatant self-promotion here.

One part of our strategy in expanding our technological capabilities includes building a strong partner channel. Well as part of that channel base strategy, we have now partnered with Centrix. 

Our good marketing people describe Centrix as;

 "a provider of solutions that optimise the way IT infrastructures deliver applications, services and content. Headquartered in Newbury, UK, Centrix Software solutions are designed for enterprise organisations operating large-scale application environments.

Centrix focuses on the inventory and application discovery process which nicely builds an application list, in preparations for some automated application compatibility assessment (hey, that's us).

Centrix has a free tool called WorkSpace Discover that is described "As a software package that can identify hardware and software assets deployed across your IT environment."

You can download a free copy here:

You can also read the absolutely riveting press release here:

You can find out more about Centrix here: http://www.centrixsoftware.com/


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