Monday 29 November 2010

App-V and DCOM Support: Not quite there yet

Don't touch that dial! DCOM TV is here...

Well not quite... but we have some cool videos to show you ... of course you need to be interested in DCOM application compatibility support for Microsoft virtualization technology App-V. If you are then be prepared to be entertained!..

Or at least informed.

OK, so here is the story. We were trying to determine if Microsoft's App-V 4.6 SP1 supported DCOM. Previous versions of App-V did not and so we created a small "test" application that utilized Microsoft's DCOM technology to perform a simple test. In this case, multiplying a number by 2.

As you will see in the video (see link attached below), the sample DCOM application functions correctly under a native environment but does not work properly under an App-V virtualized environment.

Here is the link to the AOK ChangeBase DCOM Youtube video;

AOK DCOM Virtualization Video 

So, no DCOM support for App-V 4.6 SP1.  But hey, at least we get a brand new set of command line functions and improved Sequencer UI... Ooops, looks like I gave away the headlines for one my next posts.

There are a few more of these demonstration style videos about to be released. So watch out for the AOK YouTube channel.

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