Monday 15 November 2010

AOK 4.0 is a Go!

Home! - Got some sleep, saw the kids, looked at a (largeish) pile of receipts.... What?

Yes, here I am - in post TechEd syndrome - I tend to smile at everyone now, and assume (naturally),  that everyone needs to urgently discuss application compatibility right now.This will take a little while to wear off. My kids are enjoying my return with Jenny (my 3-year old) expressing a strong interest in German porcelain dolls and wondering if I was still doing "slap-hat" this week.

And oooh what a week last week was.... . Everyone was busy, with Chris Jackson doing the heavy-lifting with 11 sessions, Aaron in the App-Compat sweat/workshops and Mark Russinovich doing his best to keep up with the Dutch Dance Assassins.

And.... There is a bunch of new stuff coming out of ChangeBase over the next few weeks. We have revved up the reporting and analytical engine for the AOK tool-set and will have a release out in the next shot while or so.

I am working with the good people in  Marketing to see what I can and can't say and will publish some of the new/exciting bits in my blog soon.

But, expect the following enhancements;

  • Improved Reporting (we can now handle 50, applications/packages)
  • Improved Handling of Conditional Logic 
  • Enhanced Reporting tools (your own custom slice and dice analysis tool)
  • Support for new application package formats
  • Integrated web-application support

More to come ... but first, I have to troll through the thousand or so emails that I received/missed while at TechEd - this may take me some time....

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