Monday 20 October 2014

Is Application Compatibility (App-Compat) over?

Just a quick post today, and a great (re)start to the application compatibility conversation. As we have learned over the past (almost) seven years, application compatibility was a big challenge for organizations moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 and even now Windows 8.x

Watch Chris Jackson present his views on the "Last App-Compat Session" at TechEd 2013 in North America.

You can download the high-quality video here:

As always to you can tune into Chris Jackson's latest thinking at his blog: The App Compat Guy

Application Compatibility may not be quite as important as it was during the past few years due to all the "heavy lifting" required to get some pretty old applications on to Windows 7.  However, my current thinking is that application compatibility is now simply part of the application management "fabric" in most organisations and is part of the many challenges in getting applications to work.

You will hear more from me on this topic -soon....

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