Friday 8 November 2013

ChangeBASE Version 6.0 Released!

ChangeBASE Version 6.0 is here!

I am very excited to be able to announce the release of ChangeBASE 6.0!

ChangeBASE has always been able to automate the testing, remediation, packaging and virtualization of applications as part of a Windows migration - cutting the time and cost of migrations in half, but now we have completely re-architectedChangeBASE (v6.0) to meet market demand for
  • Scalability
  • Better integration with other systems
  • Even more automation
  • Sdded flexibility and customizability
ChangeBASE 6.0 enables more streamlined end-to-end application lifecycle management processes and helps speed applications to end users. Application compatibility is a constant challenge for organizations.  It doesn’t just affect organizations doing a Windows migration; the IT environment is constantly changing so therefore application readiness is an on-going challenge that needs to be addressed continually. ChangeBASE can help you overcome these challenges.

New Features of ChangeBASE 6.0
  • Integration:  the new API model allows organisation to integrate ChangeBASE with existing systems.  This allows you to collect data from different systems such as SCCM or Asset Manager, link data to your applications such as license count, usage and install count so you no longer need to manually access different systems and try to match the data.
  • Dashboard:  the new role-centric dashboard is designed to be customizable.  You can drag and drop “widgets” onto the dashboard to show the view(s) of application information that is relevant to your role i.e. Manager gets a high level view of overall project. Application packagers get detailed application compatibility view
  • Reports:  We’ve expanded the reporting capability to allow complete customization via our new “ChangeBASE Report Designer”.  Users can add their own company logos and present the information that is useful to them in the web based reports.
  • Faster Performance: Server based processing means faster performance.  Compatibility assessment will occur at the same time as application import with the checks run against the pre-defined target platforms e.g. Windows 7, 64-bit with App-V.
  • Application Grouping:  To facilitate ease of managing large application estates we have added the ability to assign applications to groups and sub-groups, product groups/families, application dependencies and SCCM dependencies.
  • Role Management:  We have added the ability to create Active Directory (AD) users and assign to roles.
  • Internationalization:  ChangeBASE 6.0 will handle all language sets including double-byte code set (DBCS) languages such as Japanese.
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