Tuesday 13 August 2013

Announcing KACE 3000 1.1

Today, I'm proud to announce the general availability of K3000 version 1.1.  K3000 1.1 adds significant new features to make mobile management even easier and the K3000 more comprehensive than ever.

The DELL K3000 makes mobile management as easy for our customers as the K1000 and K2000 make desktop and server management. 
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Comprehensive
Here is a brief summary of the features and benefits of the latest release of DELL's KACE 3000 Release 1.1:

  • Dynamic Groups: 1.0 has filters which automatically grouped devices by LDAP security groups, OS, application vendor and more.  1.1 allows you to save complex searches either as Dynamic Groups or static collections of devices with your own label name. This is the number one requested feature by our customers, marketing and sales.
  • New User Roles: 1.0 had two user roles: appliance/ system admin and an end user.  1.1 adds two new roles: device admin and readonly device admin. Making someone a device admin allows that person to administer devices as if they enrolled them. For example, a teacher assigned to her classroom full of devices can install and remove apps, wipe and lock devices, and more.  This is the second most requested feature.
  • SSL Wizard: You can now generate SSL keys and certificate signing requests using a simple, step-by-step wizard.  This is support's number one feature.
  • Enhanced Volume Purchase Program Support: The K3000 tracks all VPP redemptions and gives you a simple table for each app showing the status of your entered codes. Like a checkbook, it can be reconciled with Apple's accounts by just uploading the latest spreadsheet.  Add a new app or more redemption codes to an existing app by just uploading a spreadsheet.
  • Universal Policies: The K3000 allows you to create a single policy either through our Profile Wizard or via the iPhone Configuration Utility and apply it to any device, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or Android Tablet.  The Wizard contains clear instructions on what profile items are applicable to each platform, and will only enforce the ones each mobile OS supports.  Write one policy, deploy it everywhere.
  • Global Install on Enrollment: Universal policy enforcement was never so easy.  Click a checkbox on as many apps or profiles as you like, and the K3000 will automatically install them on every new enrollment.  Add this to Universal Policies, and the K3000 is a powerful tool for policy enforcement.
  • Support for Hyper-V: The K3000 is the first K-series appliance to support Hyper-V as well as VMWare for virtualization. A zipped VHD file will be available on the support download site alongside the zipped OVF for VMWare.  See below for dates.

1.1 will be available on the support download site as well as via automatic updates shortly.  Next week, the OVF and VHD zip files will be available for download.

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