Saturday 16 March 2013

Quest Software White paper on VDI Management

A quick post today as I am travelling, but I thought I would mention a new white-paper just published by the Quest/DELL team.

vWorkspace with Microsoft Hyper-V and SCVMM: VDI Management
This paper provides the results of tests to validate the capability of Dell vWorkspace and Microsoft VDI Suite, including Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager, to provision and manage 5,000 Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktops. The tests and simulations focused on how the solution scales and performs under high load. We also looked at the day-to-day management of a VDI environment, including desktop provisioning, logon storms, Patch Tuesday actions, and power management (“green IT”).

Here is a quick, but non-exhaustive summary of some of the results from this study:

vWorkspace integrated deeply with Microsoft VDI Suite and SCVMM to manage and automate the creation, deletion and power management of Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktops on Hyper-V. It enabled the automated use of differencing disk technology to save disk space, as well as rapidly clone virtual desktops without extra hardware or software.

  • The combined solution managed the lifecycle of 5,000 Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktops with an architecture that could scale far larger by simply adding more SCVMM servers and storage capacity.
  • Provisioning and power management operations on virtual desktops are at least twice as fast when using local (direct attached) storage for both the parent and child hard disk images. Also, placing the differencing disks’ parent image on local (direct attached) storage in the Hyper-V host with the child images on SAN reduced provisioning time by 32 percent.
  • vWorkspace connection brokers automatically load balanced and distributed incoming connections between them. However, even a single vWorkspace connection broker comfortably handled incoming connections events from 5,000 clients in an 11 minute period.

You can find the VDI Management document here:

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