Monday 24 September 2012

Quest Workspace Asset Manager 9.0

It's been a busy week here at Quest, with the release of ChangeBASE 5.1, we now have the updated to Quest Workspace Asset Manager from the Scriptlogic team.

Here is a brief summary:

Asset Manager 9.0 is a major product release with significant enhancements to the product usability, a new and improved user interface, numerous enhancements to license and entitlement management, automated software metering, new platform support and much more.  Here are some of the highlights:

License Management Enhancements - License entitlements include rights such as upgrade and downgrade rights, second-use rights and step-up rights.  These entitlements are often overlooked when reviewing a software compliance position and as a consequence, organizations overspend on unnecessary licenses.  Asset Manager 9.0 now provides the ability to automatically track these entitlements to ensure optimal use of licenses within an organization.

Automated Software Metering - Asset Manager 9.0 will now track software usage for many common off-the-shelf software titles automatically when the agents are deployed. 

Automated Financial View of Software Estate - Asset Manager now 'tags' identified software titles and bundles with MSRP data.  This allows organizations to get a quick view of the total cost of software deployed within the organization.  Total software cost can be viewed by software title or manufacturer, computer, location, department and more.  You can also view a report on the total cost of software that has been deployed but has not been used in the past 60 days.

New and Improved UI -  In addition to the new look and feel of the application, there are a number of improvements that streamline many common tasks including new wizard-driven processes that align with best practice standards. Here is a quick snap-shot of the Quest Asset Manager

Enhanced Reporting and Dashboard - All reports are now based off the standard Grid View format.  This allows for simplified report customization by providing a drag and drop interface for adding, removing, sorting, grouping and filtering data.  The new dashboard provides charts and notifications that highlight important information including software installation and usage, license compliance, system data, and more.

Role Based Access - Roles can now be defined and linked to AD groups for defining privileges within the system.  This allows organizations to assign different users as system administrators, license managers, software managers, IT asset managers, contract managers or restrict them to only view reports.

New Microsoft Hyper-V Connector - The Hyper-V connector provides real time insight into the relationship between the virtual machines and the underlying host machine.  This virtual to physical relationship information is critical in supporting software license management for server software products in Hyper-V environments.

Updated Platform Support - Asset Manager 9.0 adds support for the following platform versions:
  • The SCCM connector now supports SCCM 2012
  • The VMware connector now supports ESX/ESXi  version 5 and vCenter version 5
  • The Citrix connector now supports XenApp version 6 and EdgeSight for XenApp version 6
  • The Mac agent now supports Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7)

You can find out more about the Quest Asset Manager update here:

Or, you can read about all the new features and updates in the What's New document located here:

Or, you can visit the new dedicated product page for Asset Manager Discovery Edition

Learn more and download a free 30 day evaluation at

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