Friday 17 August 2012

Migrating to Windows 7 with Ease (i.e. Quest)

A quick plug for the next Quest webinar ... 

I wonder what they are going to do to answer the question about Windows 7 application compatibility??

Gartner’s telling you to do a Windows 7 migration. Your users are screaming for it. And Windows XP support is slipping away fast. Trouble is, you’ve got all those applications and different types of use cases to deliver on Windows 7. In this webcast, experts from Microsoft and Quest will explain what other customers have done so you can see how to do it too - with less risk, time and effort than you might think.  Equipped with this information, you can be the hero – and be ahead of the game for Windows 8.
Discover how you can:
  • Utilise MDOP to ease challenging migrations
  • Discover which applications you have and are which ones are used in your environment
  • Prioritize applications to be re-licensed, replaced, and tested, with “red, amber, green” rankings for suitability.
  • Avoid manual assessments and remediation, troublesome deployments and post-migrationsupport issues
  • Utilise Hyper-V for hosting Windows 7 virtual machines
  • Identify applications that can be virtualized within seconds and ensure they meet packaging standards
  • Deliver stubborn unfixable apps using desktop virtualisation – but keep control 
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