Wednesday 8 February 2012

January 2012: Linkbait

Well, my colleague Carl is back from his extended holidays, and is back at  it with providing some great application compatibility and general application packaging news links for your review. Enjoy!

Platform News
Factory reset Windows 8 with and without external media
Expect the beta to be released very soon and the RTM in October
New features in the Windows 8 Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool
800 days and counting for XP’s death
More Win7 migration success stories
Certification requirements for Windows 8 desktop apps does not require MSI, bans VB6, requires signed executables, must install to ProgramFiles (does this mean per-user apps are banned?)
Certification requirements for Windows 8 Hardware replace CTRL-ALT-DEL with Windows-Power and other highlights

Packaging News
Requirements for apps being on Windows Store
Matt Johnson’s two part series on ICE validation

Virtualisation News
A video of Thinapp’s AppSync, used to update packages
Optimising Thinapp package sizes

Security Corner

Browser News
IE10 Compatibility Inspector tool released
If your Win8 Metro IE10 page really needs to use a plugin then it can switch to regular IE

Office News
In case you missed it, Obama’s state of the union address is a stunning example of how to use powerpoint effectively

Mobile News
Interview with Nokia’s head of design
Mobile phone evolution infographic
Will Windows Phone really be more popular than iPhone by 2015? Hmm
“My primary phone is the iPhone,” says Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder “I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”
Switch your phone off when attending classical concerts

Web News
Programmers! Tired of Google’s ‘helpful’ suggestions? You’ve even put your string in quotes and it still got interpreted? Click on “More Search Tools” in the bottom-left corner of the search results and choose “Verbatim”.  It will actually search for what you asked. Very useful for error messages and code fragments.
Google and Microsoft are having a very public row about privacy

Seriousness Apology
Sorry no jokes, cartoons or silliness this month.  Have Boots and Cats instead.

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